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Understanding Roof Insulation

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

One of the most important aspects of a building is it's insulation value. It's what keeps the A/C and Heat in the buildings during the warmer and cooler seasons, respectively. Unfortunately, traditional wall and ceiling insulation can get pricey, especially for taller and more open buildings. Thankfully, Roof Insulation during a TPO installation, as well as the TPO itself, is an effective way to boost your buildings energy efficiency and R-Values.

TPO Reflectivity

Versico Versiweld TPO, as well as TPO by others, is Energy Star Rated to increase the Energy Efficiency of your Building, by reflecting 80% of Sunlight.

Polyiso Insulation Board

Polyiso Insulation Board, commonly referred to as "Iso Board" is a closed-cell rigid insulation board that is secured to your roof deck with fasteners and plates. The TPO is then installed on top of it. For every 1" of Polyiso Insulation Board, your should expect to boost your R-Value of 5.9. Alabama Building and Energy Codes Recommend an R-Value of 25.

R-Tech Fanfold Recovery Board Another option that is commonly seen, is R-Tech Fanfold Recovery Board. While it does not have R-Values as high as Polyiso Insulation Board, it does cost much less, and still adds to your existing roof's insulation value. This type of board is overlayed and fastened across your roof surface, and is used as a cost-effective alternative to Iso Board, and to recover your current roof system. Are you ready to boost your Building's Energy Efficiency? Give us a call today! (256)-836-8152.

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