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  • What is TPO?
    TPO (short for Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is a modern Single-Ply Roof Membrane System. TPO was created around 1986 to compete with EPDM and PVC Membrane. Since it's creation and refinement through the decades, it has skyrocketed in popularity and has since become the most popular modern flat roof product to date.
  • How is TPO Installed?
    TPO Roof Systems Generally Consist of Three Layers: 1. Roof Insulation: First, this roof insulation (called ISO Board, or Polyiso Insulation) is layed onto the roof surface, and Mechanically Attached (Screwed Down) with Fasteners and Plates. 2. TPO Membrane: Next, the TPO Membrane is Layed onto the Roof Surface, and Mechanically Attached at the Seams with Fasteners and Plates. The TPO Membrane overlaps 6" adjacent to each other, then is Heat Welded with a Special Roofing tool at temperatures of up to 800 to 1,000 Degrees Fareinheit, creating a long-lasting waterproof splice. 3. TPO Flashing Details: Lastly, above the roof deck, you may have Penetrations, Curbs, AC Units, Parapet Walls, and other such details. These are all wrapped and Welded into a Special Unreinforced TPO Flashing.
  • Why TPO?
    TPO is the most popular Single Ply Membrane Roofing Material in the United States today. It has proven itself through the decades to be a rugged and long-lasting roofing material. Affordable compared to other roofing materials, TPO Roof Systems are a solution for every kind of flat roof configuration imaginable.
  • How Much Does TPO Cost?
    There are many factors that determine how much a TPO Roof may cost, including the condition of the roof, the number of penetrations, insulation requirements, and types of materials and installation methods. We work with you to give you a long-lasting roof system that will meet your budget and give you a 20-Year NDL Warranty. In comparison to other types of Roof Systems, TPO is typically a less-expensive alternative. Give us a call today for a FREE Estimate (256)-836-8152
  • Is TPO Energy Efficient?
    Versico VersiWeld TPO membranes are ENERGY STAR® and CRRC Rated to provide long-term Energy Savings to a Property or Business Owner. In addition to this, Rooftop Insulation Installed During a Re-Roof can further add an insulation value to your building or property.
  • What is Versico?
    Versico is a Subsidary Division of Carlisle Syntec Systems, a World Leader in Roofing Solutions and Products. Created in 1993, Versico has Established itself in the Industry as a Leader in Roof System Innovation, Quality Products, and Customer Support. Versico carries a wide range of TPO Products (Versiweld), as well as PVC (Versiflex) and EPDM (Versigard). We Specialize in and Install Versiweld TPO and are Partnered with Versico as a Certified Versico Contractor, allowing us to provide Property and Business Owners with 20-Year NDL Manufacturer Warranties, Standard.
  • What is Versiweld TPO?
    Versiweld is Versico's Premier Brand of TPO, with many different Products, and Solutions to Accomodate any Flat-Roof Configuration.
  • What is a 20-Year NDL Manufacturer Warranty?
    We offer a Versico 20-Year NDL (No Dollar Limit) Transferrable Manufacturer Warranty standard with every roof installation. This Warranty means that your investment is completely protected from damage and defects for 20 Years. No Dollar Limit means that there is no limit to the dollar amount the manufacturer will pay out to fix your roof if you ever have any problems with it. A Long-Term Total-System Warranty backed by a National Company is extremely important for any Property or Business Owner, and should be a factor taken into consideration when looking to Install a New Roof. Ragland Construction Company, LLC is a Certified Versico Installer, which allows us to provide 20-Year NDL Warranties with EVERY installation.

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